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Chicken Drinker

Item Code: 100090100-600
Brand Name: Xishui
Material: HDPE
Usage: Poultry Drinking Equipment
Feature: Convenient, Saving Water
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Product Details

Poultry Plastic Vacuum Drinker

The vacuum drinker is type of poultry water trough in chicken farm, which is used for drinking water. We have two main kinds of plastic poultry drinker: vacuum drinker and plasson drinker. Below is 5 advantages of our vacuum drinker.

Product Feature

1. High durability. Made of HDPE material.100% raw material processing.
2. Double channel design reduces water pollution,ensure animals drink fresh water.
3. Simple structure,use conveniently,make it easy to clean and disinfect.
4. Can be easily installed.

No. Item No. Product Name Size  (mm)
Material Net Weight
1 100090100 Poultry plastic vacuum drinker-Capacity: 1L H:150mm;Dia:175mm;Gutter:16mm HDPE 103g
2 100090200 Poultry plastic vacuum drinker-Capacity: 1.5L H:200mm;Dia:190mm;Gutter:16mm HDPE 141g
3 100090300 Poultry plastic vacuum drinker-Capacity: 3L H:245mm;Dia:235mm;Gutter:20mm HDPE 238g
4 100090400 Poultry plastic vacuum drinker-Capacity:6L H:285mm;Dia:305mm;Gutter:30mm HDPE 400g
5 100090500 Poultry plastic vacuum drinker-Capacity: 11L H:330mm;Dia:365mm;Gutter:35mm HDPE 650g
6 100090600 Poultry plastic vacuum drinker-Capacity: 14L H:400mm;Dia:365mm;Gutter:35mm HDPE 750g


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