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Frost free drinking trough single ball

Item Code: E100110200
Brand Name: Xishui
Material: LLDPE
Usage: Animal Drinker
Animal: Cattle,Sheep, Horse
Feature: High Durability, Long Life Span
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Product Details

Large Horse Trough

Shanghai Xishui can manufacturer two sizes of horse trough, one is 40L an another is 85L, which can supply about 25 and 50 heads of horse water amount. In our automatic horse stall waterer, there is very large red ball. It is key part to keep the water warm. In our website, if you can find that we have horse water troughs for sale and horse trough for sale, let us know one, which one are you prefer?

Product Feature

1. Frost free drinking tank.
2. Robust design of this livestock drinking tank can stand up to the rigors of weather and live-stock abuse;
3. Designed with PU protection,withstanding temperatures up to -30  C  (-22 F).can prevent water from freezing. 

No. Item No. Product Name Size  (mm)
Material Net Weight
1 100110200 Frost free drinking trough single
Capacity: 40L
L700mm*W610mm*H530mm LLDPE 27.5Kg
#FF8FE5 #4DFF17
#FF8FE5 #FFD166 008613701821213
#FF8FE5 #4DFF17