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Xishui insists on best cooperation value as  company philosophy

1.    Strong integration ability of supply chain

1)    We own a professional and experienced procurement team. They purchase all the materials from top-quality upstream supplier around the world to ensure our product keeping the best status on raw material.

2)    We own strong storage and logistics ability. Currently, we has established warehouses which are not less than 10000 ㎡ in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Fujian province. Any order on any time will be perfectly executed timely.

3)    In 2018, we are going to build our first overseas warehouses for international marketing and supporting.

2.    Strict manufacturing system and Good production capacity

1)    There are very rigorous production organization system, quality control system and equipment management system in our manufacture. With the strict requirements on manufacturing, we fully consider customer demands.

2)    We strive for a perfect manufacture system and strict production capacity to ensure every process under control. Thus, we can provide high-quality products within the shortest time even when urgent large-scale orders are placed.

3)    Strict quality control program ensures every processing in manufacturing can be tracked effectively.

Our Quality control program as below

IQC (Incoming Quality Control )    IPQC(Input Process Quality Control)   OQC(Outgoing Quality Control)
Non-confirming Material Correction  IQC Monthly Analyze IPDC (Internet Protocol Device Control)  
OQC/QA(Quality Assessment )  Equipment Inspection   Customer Complaint Handling 
 Quality Statistical Analysis and Processing  Measuring Instrument Operation and Maintenance AQL(Acceptable Quality Level)
105E Sampling Standard    

3.    Technological Innovation

1)    From the beginning, we have been paying a lot of attention to technological development and innovation. We keep bringing in and upgrading international advanced technology within 7 years. Continues practice ensures our each improvement having best praticality.

2)    We keep sharing more efficient, systematic and cost-effective products and innovation with our partners.

3)    Till now, there are more than 100 Xishui engineers who design, install, maintain and upgrade whole projects for Chinese farmers and ranchers.

4.    Quality Control System

1)    We carry out unified packaging specification and process, thus ensuring safety of goods delivery with suitable packaging size and materials.

2)    All Xishui products can customize product anti-counterfeiting flags (through RFID labels) according to customer demands, which protect Authority of Xishui products and benefits of regional franchisees.

3)    The RFID fuction can completely record production date/batch/logistics, and realize product quality traceability. It can easily carry out the intelligent operation of product information inquiry, management and warehouse registration in case that any unqualified product needs to be replaced.

5.    Logistics Control System

1)    We cooperate with internationally renowned logistics company and shipping company,  and try best to protect timeliness of transportation and low cost.

2)    We have ability to protect the cargo safety on inland transport, customs clearance, shipment and overseas transportation. 

3)    We provide multiple delivery term according to customer demands.

6.    Customer Service System

1)    Xishui pays same attention on pre-sale service,in sale service and after sale service.

2)    Pre-sale service includes project discussion, feasibility research, project proposal and Initial construction design. At first stage, we research the project design according to customer’s particular situation. We dispatch professional engineers and project designers to local region for field research and technical support when problems happen.

3)    In sale service means construction drawing design. After reaching agreement with customers on project feasibility research, a very professional construction drawing will be provided to a professional team for further execution.

4)    After sale service includes all professional communication and technical service like design explanation, construction coordination, and others on field provided by Xishui installation team and project manager.

5)    For all costumers, Xishui carries out project manager responsibility system. All work in one case is charged by one manager for more convenient and efficient communication and service.

6)    To export partners, Xishui attaches importance as well. We support our partners’ sales on import and export part and other parts, such as providing technical support for exhibitions and advertisements in local market.

Xishui will provide top-level products and service to improve its value. All requirements and demands to Chinese suppliers on orders from international partners can be achieved and exceeded by Xishui. 

We are the best. 

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