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Warmly celebrate Shanghai XiShui Agriculture&Animal Husbandry Equipment Co.,Ltd formally enter the international market.

  In order to better serve clients from different countries and meet the different needs of customers all over the world, Shanghai XiShui Agriculture&Animal Husbandry Equipment Co.,Ltd was formally established in 17th October 2016. It is an important step for Xishui to enter the international market. Prior to the establishment of the Shanghai Xishui, our parent company has been working with the Muyuan Food Co.,Ltd and focusing on water conservation for 25 years.
  Muyuan Food Co.,Ltd is a large-scale modern farming and animal husbandry enterprise which integrates feed processing, pig production, slaughtering and processing. It has the largest scale of pig breeding in Asia. It was founded in 1992, after 24 years of development, has had 34 wholly owned subsidiaries and 1 joint-stock company. Muyuan has 4 feed mill of which annual processing reaches 980 thousand tons; 37 large modern pig farms which the annual pig slaughter is three million two hundred thousand pigs; 1 joint high-grade meat processing factory, which slaughters one million pigs every year. In addition, it can provide eighty thousand high stress healthy purebred pigs every year.


  After 25 years practical experience of accumulation and deposition, brand "XiShui" enjoys a great reputation in China. Besides, our parent company always implements a comprehensive customer management strategy since its inception, increases regional market investment, occupies the market gap of livestock water conservation and plans to explore the international market. The establishment of Shanghai XiShui is the specific implementation of the business strategy. All these experience have laid a solid foundation for Shanghai XiShui to enter the international market.


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