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Plastic Drinking Bowl XPBL

Item Code: E100020401-402
Brand Name: Xishui
Material: LLDPE
Usage: Animal Drinker
Animal: Cattle,Sheep, Horse
Feature: High Durability, Long Life Span
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Product Details

Horse Water Trough

One of the hot selling horse equipment is the blue plastic drinking trough. This horse water trough plastic is used in most of the horse farm. Design with float valve, our horse drinking trough can keep the water in a certain line. This design make the horse can drink the water automatically. For this model horse drinking bowl, we have two size: small horse trough is 4L and big horse trough is 9.3L.

Product Feature

1. Made from LLDPE materiaal,high strenght,toughness,UV stabilized,heat resistance,cold resistance.
2. Smooth inner walls and edges,eliminate scratch and infection risk.
3. Adjustable brass float valve, control the water level as needed.
4. Water storage type, suitable for all livestock.

No. Item No. Product Name Size  (mm)
Material Net Weight
1 100020401 Blue plastic bowl  
Capacity: 9.3L
L410mm*W300mm*H280mm LLDPE 2.75Kg
2 100020402 Blue plastic bowl
Capacity: 4L
L310mm*W240mm*H235mm LLDPE 1.65Kg


#FF8FE5 #4DFF17
#FF8FE5 #FFD166 008613701821213
#FF8FE5 #4DFF17