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Cooperated with ventilation system, Xishui spray system is extensively applied in piggery, hennery, cowshed and other livestock houses. High-effective dust reducing, disinfecting, humidification and cooling reduce the frequency of ventilation and air exchange, and significantly save power. It also increases animal activities, improves animal health and reduces drug use.

The description of spray system

Xishui spray system uses high pressure nozzle to spray water into particle size of 20-30 microns tiny fog. The fog can absorb dust existed in the air and effectively reduce pulmonary infection caused by dust suction. Providing enough oxygen for breath and promoting animal body micro-circulation enhance feed conversion rate. Tiny fog flows with air, floating in the house without anyplace left, avoids animal stress reaction; decreases respiratory disease; effectively
 humidifies and drops temperature, significantly improves animal’s house environment.

Main function:
1.Reduce dust in the air

The dust in piggery floats in the air and goes into pigs’ lungs through breathing. The dust causes lungs infection, then pathological change in the lungs. A direct result is oxygen-carrying ability of lungs weakened. As we all know, the micro circulation of body is accomplished by the action of oxygen, if the oxygen is insufficient, it will cause micro circulation hypoxia and respiratory diseases.


Disinfection plays an important role in the piggeries, but the traditional disinfection is not thorough; it brings following phenomenon:

•Stress reaction appears. Pigs will stand up, run wildly and gather together when disinfection begins.
•The spray of fog is not even, blind corner exits.
•When humidity increases, especially in winter, it leads to greater stress reaction.
•The disinfectant stays in the air is too short time to reach the disinfection effect, and a good disinfectant must be contact with the pathogen for a certain period of time before it works.

The effect of disinfection depends on operator’s work.
•Increase the chance of getting an electric shock. Security cannot be guaranteed
•Waste time and staff cost.

The advantages of spray system

•No any stress reaction. The fog has covered the entire pig house before pigs discover.
•Fog flows with air and floats in the whole space, without any blind corner.
•Humidity is not increased. The ground is only wet when disinfection takes effect, and gets dry soon.
•Atomized particle size is 20 - 30μm and can stay in air for 5 - 8 minutes in order to fully combine with pathogens, and kill pathogens.
•As long as the disinfectant gets ready, the disinfection will work minutes after power on. All works do not need human control.
•The staff will be able to operate without entering the piggery, which reduce the chance of electric shock and cross infection.
•Save 70% disinfectant and working hours.

3.Improve air humidity
In winter, after taking heat preservation measures, the piggery will become dry. It brings a direct result that the mucous membrane of the pig's respiratory epithelium falls off, which make pig respiratory disease rise up
obviously. However, above trouble can be solved by fog spray system to the greatest extent.


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