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1st Generation——Steel ball Drinker/ Nipple Drinker/Duckbill Drinker

1.  Made of 304 stainless steel. Thickened main body keeps the drinker perfect resistance of corrosion and abrasion.
2.  Filter screen with extremely dense stainless can filter most of impurities in water and owns long service life.
3.  Save water resource and human resource. 
4.  Reasonable structure. Splash proofed.All pigs get the same amount of water.
5.  Compared with trough, pig would drink clean and fresh water by drinker which stops from bacteria and disease in the means of freely drinking water by biting the drinker when it wants to drink. 
6.  Less water spillage. Avoid breeding bacteria caused by wet environment.
7.  The Precision processing on main body will not scratch pig mouth and cause infection.
8.  Convenient to assemble and disassemble; simple design; stable and reliable.

2nd Generation——Drinking bowl

1.  Innovative design keeps dung out of the water bowl and the bowl always keep clean.
2.  Smooth Package edge without any folding.
3.  The water nipple is placed slightly to one side at the bottom of the bowl and releases only the amount of water that is actually drunk.
4.  Seamless steel water tube. No leakage.
5.  Large diameter of the rolled edge together with the 1mm thick stainless steel plate guarantee a very sturdy drinking bowl.
6.  Made of 304 stainless steel. Thickened main body keeps the drinker perfect resistance of corrosion and abrasion.
7.  Save 70% water compared to nipple bite drinker.
8.  Less water spillage. Avoid breeding bacteria caused by wet environment.


New Generation——Drinking Plate & Water Level Monitor 

Piggery auto drinking water-saving system is a system which connected a 
water monitor on the upper part, and a stainless steel trough at the bottom. 
The water will automatically flow into the trough and maintains a certain water 
level while a pig drinking. The next pig can clearly see the water inside. 

Compared with duckbill drinker, 3.5 tons of water can be saved for feeding one 
fattening pig by the auto drinking water-saving system. 35 thousand tons of water per year can be saved for a pig farm with 10 thousand pigs.
Piggery auto drinking water-saving system saves not only water, but also save the cost of sewage. Our system has been widely used in many domestic large pig farms, and received high praise.

Xishui auto drinking trough water-saving system (drinking plate water level monitor) can solve the water saving problems caused by traditional drinkers, the advantages are as below:

1.  Provide enough clean drinking water for pigs.
2.  A real sense of water saving. Water utilization rate increases to 99%.
3.  Keep pigs from diarrhea and other disease from Piggery damp.
4.  Return to the nature of bow down drinking way.
5.  Increase at least 1kg market weight of pigs.
6.  Reduce medicine waste.
7.  Reduce drinking stress when pigs move to new groups.

Automatic water saving system includes: one water level controller; one stainless steel water plate; one 1.2m or 1.4m water pipe; two fast interfaces; one 60cm hosepipe; one set of cork base, two sets of fix double U wire.

Installation Instruction: only need to connect with the running water, no electricity, automatically control the sink water level based on the atmosphere and water pressure principle;according to the demand adjust the water level arbitrarily; energy saving, environmental protection, convenient installation,beautiful appearance and durability,and it is the first choice of automatic water control device for modern pig farms.

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