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In order to meet the requirement of cleaning piggery in modern pig farm, after 8 years and 600 pumping station experiment, Xishui successfully launches a new generation of intelligent centralized high-pressure cleaning system.

System description   

A room should be built in the middle area of the ranch, designated as a high-pressure cleaning system pressure supply room. The control cabinet is placed in the room, when filtered water into the control cabinet, it will raise pressure up to 2900 psi. 304 stainless steel pipes lay in all rooms which need water, equipped with valves of each water point, realize the linkage of whole system. If any unit requires cleaning, only one cleaning hose and one water spray gun is needed. When water gets to the unit, the cleaners just connect the water point valve and start working. 
Many spray guns can work together at same time with the constant pressure water supply, which can improve the work efficiency and save water.

Characteristics and Advantages

1. The compact design is to save the floor area. The cabinet has external 14-inch LCD touch screen, which is designed for easily setting parameter; various protection and fault indication are clearly displayed directly on the corresponding indicator light.


2. Built-in perfect control system makes it easy to perform following functions:
· Double safety protection for operator and equipment.
· Mandatory maintenance function.
· Lubricant temperature control.
· Lubrication quality control.
· Remote start function.
· Automatic start-stop function.
· Alternate work function.
· Constant pressure water supply function
· Multi operator simultaneous working port extension function
· Data storage function


3. When pressure reach to about 2900 psi (200 kilograms), which achieves thorough cleaning, reducing pasture biological safety stress.
4. The cleaning time is 50% less than traditional cleaning machine. 
5. The water consumption is 50% less than traditional cleaning machine.
6. For the first time, the cleaning electricity is separated from the internal electricity of the piggery to completely prevent electric shock accidents.
7. More than one motor alternately work to extend the service life indefinitely.
8. More than one operator, freely combination, saves 30% electricity.
9. Reduce maintenance cost of pasture cleaning equipment.
10. Once installed, Long time used.

Take following pictures as an example:


It allows four operators do the cleaning work at same time. Four pumps alternately works, each pump corresponds to one gun. The pressure can be adjusted from 0kg to 250 kg at will. 
The flow is 15L×4=60L; power is 7.5KW×4=22KW,total weight is 600KG; size is 115*140*140cm.

304 stainless steel pipe and three-way connector:

Stainless steel pipe supports for fixing pipes and buffering shock:

Stainless steel pipe insulation, which prevents cracks in winter and reduce the heat loss of hot water:

If hot water cleaning is needed, fuel oil boiler at the outlet port is also available. With it operators can get 90 degrees hot water to improve cleaning efficiency, make cleaning more thorough.

Different types of high-pressure cleaning spray guns meet the use of all stages


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