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Stainless Steel Enamel Bowl XM

Item Code: C100030300
Brand Name: Xishui
Material: Stainless steel
Usage: Animal Drinker
Animal: Cattle,Sheep, Horse
Feature: High Durability, Long Life Span
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Product Details

Stainless Steel Cattle Water Trough

The stainless steel cattle cattle water trough is made of 1.0mm thickness stainless steel sheet; With hinged lid easy for maintenance. A feature of this bowl is the sloping to the front bottom, which brings any debris forward for easy  cleaning  Nylon float systems assembly and no drain incorporated. Inlet.

Product Feature

1. High durability. Made of Stainless steel. 
2. With deep of trough , easy for cow and horse to drink.

3. Water storage type.Suitable for any livestock.

4. Less water consumption, lower energy consumption, fewer labor and less investments cost.

No. Item No. Product Name Size  (mm)
Material Net Weight
1 100030300 Stainless Steel Drinking Water Bowl L290mm*W250mm*120mm Stainless Steel 1.45kg
#FF8FE5 #4DFF17
#FF8FE5 #FFD166 008613482011449