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Our company Shanghai Xishui can supply all kinds of swine equipment, hog equipment and pig equipment such as swine waterer, automatic hog waterer, nipple drinker, slat floor and infrared heating lamp. We have our own technician team to design various of automatic pig watering systems. Compared with other pig and hog equipment suppliers, we have many advantage. Because, all of our products are manufactured by our own factory. For automatic pig watering system, we have 3 generation. Fist generation:pig nipple drinker. Second one: automatic pig waterer bowl(pig drinking bowl). Latest generation: water level controller and pig drinking plate. Besides, our slat floor is also well-known by our customers, which can be used in pig farm or pig house. Some of our customers are pig farmer, they are also pig suppliers. If you want to know more detail information about our company, welcome to inquiry.
Drinking water system

Our drinking water system including:

  • 1. Nipple drinker, duck billed drinker, bite ball drinker.
  • 2. Economy drinking bowl, oval drinking bowl.
  • 3. Water level Controller with water plate.
Cleaning System

Our high pressure cleaning system including:

  • 1. High pressure water gun.
  • 2. Lance, foam lance.
  • 3. Spray nozzle and other accessories.
Fogging System

Our fogging system including:

  • 1. Spray nozzle.
  • 2. Spray base and connector.
  • 3. Control cabinet Pressure pump.
Veterinary syringe

Our Veterinary syringe inclduing:

  • 1. Continuous syringe.
  • 2. 10ML-50ML plastic steel injectors.
  • 3. 10ML-50ML mental syringe.
Plastic Slat Floor

Our Plastic slat floor including:

  • 1. Color: blue, white, orange, red ,or customized.
  • 2. Size:600mm*400mm,600mm*500mm,600mm*600mm, or customized.
  • 3. Accessories. Such as support leg, fiberglass beam, studdle.
Infrared Heating Lamp

Our infrared heating lamp including:

  • 1. Lamp bulb color: clear color, half red color, full red color.
  • 2. Voltage : 120-240V
  • 3. Power : 100W-375W
Feeding Trough

Our pig feeding trough including:

  • 1. Fattening pig feeding trough
  • 2. Sow feeding trough
  • 3. Piglet feeder