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Customer Rights Protection

Xishui has been always emphasizing the idea of service upmost.
In Xishui service architecture, there are professional pre-sale and after-sale service department, composing a whole service team with the marketing team to devote ourselves to serve customers, comprehensively protect customer rights.

 Ⅰ Pre-sale department
◎ Pre-sale department includes project design department and technology department.
◎ The responsibilities of Project design department is to develop and design complete effective solution for customers until getting satisfactory response. We ensure the feasibility of each solution case.
Technology department provides technical software and hardware support to project design department.

Ⅱ Marketing department
◎ Marketing department includes sales department and branding department.
◎ Sales department is responsible to directly communicate with partners, understand customer intention and requirements, supervise and urge technical department to improve the products according to customer demands. In terms of internal communication, they establish relevant connection with other departments, effectively serve our customers in the orders, cooperation and technology. 

After-sale department 
◎ After-sale department includes installation team, maintenance team and customer service center.
◎ The installation team is responsible for the installation for customers after the design accepted.
◎ Maintenance department provides facility maintenance service. We offer the most comprehensive and considerate after-sales service, covering every detail of every project. Any products which sold to any location enjoy the permanent service of our professional after-sale team.
◎ Service center accept and response customer feedback and requirements in first time. We pay extremely attention to any of your feedback. Our good complaint and supervision system ensures that any comments and complaints will be resolved in shortest time.