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Help to Open Chinese market

Xishui Group has more than 20 years history. Besides business and strength development, we also have rich resources in livestock industry. We are willing to do utmost to help our partners open the vast China market.

Ⅰ Supply chain and network resources
◎ We have a mass of factories and companies resources in the upstream and downstream of supply chain, and keep good cooperation relations for years with most of them. We also have very good relations with related government department.
Ⅱ Promotion resources
◎ We attend different domestic exhibitions, launching our own products and partners ‘products.
◎ We also advertise in the print media, such as relevant magazines in China.
Ⅲ stock and logistics resources
◎ We can ensure security of entire process at the lowest cost due to rich experiences in import.
◎ China is a very broad market, which has a strong demand for international high-quality products of. If your products have competitive advantages in the domestic and international market and would like to promote it in China, we can assist you with marketing. 
In concrete cooperation, we will adopt cooperation ways of the most flexible, efficient and the lowest cost to assist you sell products and establishing your brand image in China. If you want to set up office, branch office, even factory, we will spare no effort to support you.

Ⅳ Specific process
  1. Our overseas department will contact you and get your product documents and other detailed product information.
  2.  Our professional engineers will evaluate your products advantages and making specific marketing planning for next steps.
  3. According to product characteristics and suitable promotion channels, we will officially promote your products by exhibition and advertisement,  meanwhile recommend them to our domestic partners.
  4. For further contents, please check Interaction Strategy With Partners.