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For 25 years, Xishui has been dedicated to the conservation of water, providing customers with world-class solutions to water-saving problems!

Shanghai Xishui Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier providing customers with water-saving equipment, serving from a variety of industries such as accessories, technology for agriculture, and livestock-breeding.

We focus on these aspects
a. Equipment for agriculture & animal husbandry
b. Import & export of machinery and accessories
c. Technology consulting service
We provide customers with hundreds of products covering equipment for poultry & livestock, used in the following applications:
a. Water-drinking system
b. High-pressure cleaning system
c. Fogging system for sterilization of livestock farm  
d. Heat-preservation lamp for livestock farm
e. Other professional devices for livestock farm

With constant efforts of our professional staff in charge of management & operation , we have now grown to be a leading company in domestic market and an energetic innovator in global market and have been able to provide our customers with more than 100 high-quality products.

We are striving to provide systematic and intelligent solutions involving technology for our global customers and partners. Through continuous innovation and development, we have accumulated plenty of experience to set up a thorough system of solutions in pre-sale and in- and after-  sale processes. We guarantee our Xishui company provides world-class solutions to water-solving problems!  We adhere to our development concept of Quality, Technology, Sincerity, and Service and promise to provide professional and satisfying service for our customers!


History of Development

Our parent company has engaged in the industry of injection molding for 25 years, focusing on molding of injection and pressing & stretching of stainless steel. It is in possession of a base for production with large-scale injection molding machinery, mold processing center and pressing & stretching machine. All these advantages have now become our strong support for production and quality control. 
Our water-saving solutions, drinking system, high-pressure cleaning system, fogging system and other products such as water level controller, stainless steel drinking bowls & trays are popular in large scale livestock farms all over China. Faced with the two problems that the industry of animal husbandry is being greatly polluted, and strict management by Chinese government, every major enterprise sets our products and  systems as a standard for solving and improving current situations.
In 2013, our first factories were founded in Henan province. At that time, Xishui began to provide a complete system of solutions for customers as well as trainings for engineers for pre-sale, in sale, and after sale.
Until now, Xishui brand has obtained a high reputation in domestic market due to its years of technology deposit and industry practice in China. Based on these, Xishui is ready to enter the global market and has taken many actions to have this plan fulfilled.
For 5 years, we have merged and injected capital to several factories in Zhejiang province to enlarge our production line and product categories. Our service and equipment range from pig to cattle, goat, and horse, as well as poultry.equipment. All the products under Xishui brand has added to the amount of more than one hundred. 
In the same year, our Changzhou Chenyan Heat-Preservation Equipment Co.,Ltd was established to specifically produce heat-preservation lamps for livestock’s houses. The business grows rapidly because of its high quality.
In 2016, Shanghai Xishui Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Equipment Co,.ltd was founded to promote its products in the global market. 
Now our sub company in Jilin province is preparing to be under construction...