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SaveWater Dosing Pumps
title right

Our dosing pumps features including:

  • 1. Operating with the water flow rate from 7 L/H (0.03 GPM)
  • 2. Precisely Mix medication and water
  • 3. Easy dosage adjustment
Infrared Heating Lamp
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High quality explosion-proof bulb and waterproof lampshade from China. Affordable prices with good service.

Horse Tack
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Our horse tack including:

  • 1. ABS bedding fork head, Feed scoop,
  • 2. Jump cup, Keyhole jump rail, Plastic boot jack with soft touch,
  • 3. Whip holder, etc.
Cattle Instrument
title right

Our cattle instrument including:

  • 1. Bull-holder with chain, bull-holder, stainless steel bull ring, cow vagina dilator,
  • 2. Mouth gag for animal, cow hoof cutting disk, cow bleed nipple,
  • 3. All kinds of the nipple, brush set, calf feeding bottle, milk transportable can, etc.